our story

from pastor alley's desk

On Easter morning of 1992, my family woke up early in Colorado Springs to load up our 1975 Volvo with a homemade pulpit, 2 boxes of songbooks, toys, and a playpen for a nursery, newly printed visitor’s cards, 200 bulletins, and a church sign that was tied to the top of our roof. After our first stop in Denver to pick up 6 dozen donuts from Winchell’s, we arrived with plenty of time to set up the Holly Ridge Primary School and eagerly prepare for the arrival of the 200 people that we anticipated coming to the first service of Cornerstone Baptist Church of Greater Denver. As 10:00 A.M. approached, the people had not shown up yet. We didn’t understand why they were so late. That morning, four people joined us for a total of eight in attendance on our grand-opening day! We look back on all the joys and disappointments we have experienced in through the years and thank God every day that He has still found us faithful putting us into the ministry.  

Over the years, one of the most important areas in which we are constantly striving to grow is LOVE.  Learning to love

the Lord Jesus Christ with all of our heart, mind, soul, and strength and learning to love our neighbor as we love

ourselves are two of the most important goals of our ministry.  Your presence and communication help us to continue

to grow in these two areas. Our doors are always open to you as we open the Word of God and study the mind of Christ

together.  I hope you will join us this year as we take a look into the past and praise God for His

mercy and grace that He has bestowed upon our church.