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“That we may know Him.”

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  gordon alley

Favorite Quote:

“What shall it profit a man if he should gain the whole world but lose his own family.”

Favorite Verse: 1 Corinthians 6:20

As a child, I dreamed of becoming...a man that impacted the world for Christ.

I trusted Christ as my Savior on...June 8, 1986.

My favorite hymn is...”Like a River Glorious.”  The words: “...stayed upon Jehovah, hearts are fully blessed- Finding as He promised, perfect peace and rest.”  are very inspiring to me.

Something that makes me smile is...noticing the miracles that God performs in our lives and remembering His goodness.

Spiritually speaking, the one person who has had the most significant impact on my life father, Pastor Rodger Alley.  By watching his life in word and in deed, I have learned that Christianity is not simply another religion; it is an actual relationship with Jesus Christ.

I desire to be known for being...a good husband, father, and Christian.

My favorite attribute of God is...His justice- He WILL reward us according to our works.

I feel most loved when...I am spending time with my wife and children.

Recently, God has taught me...that He truly is in control of my life.

Besides the Bible, the one book that has revolutionized my life is...the song book.

My idea of a relaxing “get-away” would be...Spending the day at one of Colorado’s ski resorts on a powder day with 8 inches of freshly fallen snow.

I am motivated to serve the Lord because...of what He has done for me and the “daily benefits” He so lovingly bestows.

Some interesting facts about myself that not many people know...

- As a child, I was the guest piano soloist at a banquet featuring former Florida Governor Jeb Bush (President George W. Bush’s brother) as the guest speaker. 

- I have skied at 16 different ski areas in the United States.